1. Building a basement under the house. Is this safe?

Before any work commences the building is assessed by a structural engineer and plans are drawn which are then followed to specification.Generally excavation is completed in 1m sections with supports if required. The area is then ready for its new foundation.

2. What about planning permission?

Planning is generally passed taking into consideration the usual aspects i.e. fire regulations, access, and structural plans.

3. How do you stop damp and ingress of water?

We recommend the use of cavity wall membrane which prevents the hydrostatic water pressure. Any excess water trying to penetrate the basement is channelled to a water sump and pump or a water drain if possible.

4. Basements are usually dark and dingy.

Light and access can be achieved to suit clients requirements.

5. Can we pass on your guarantee

Yes! Any guarantee remains with the property.

6. Can the ground floor rooms be occupied throughout works.

This is dependant on the structure of the house floor and foundations. Timber joist floors can be successfully excavated beneath the area causing little disruption. Concrete slabs floors due to their construction, will have to be excavated internally down.